Over the past numerous years we have worked on numerous local churches, including renovations, restorations, roof finishes and both internal and external works.

Works include this brief overview:

  • Remove natural slate roof and replace with salvaged materials where required
  • Repair timbers in roof space and vaulted ceilings
  • Renovate stain glass windows
  • Cleaning of stone
  • Internal repairs including decorative mouldings, cornices and covings
  • High quality decoration
  • Lime plastering to Internal walls
  • Repair decorative tile floors.
  • Design and fit new stone alter
  • Mechanical & electrical upgrade to accommodate a sensitive environment


Works on Various Churches

  • St. Cronan’s RC Church, Roscrea
  • St. Brendan’s RC Church, Birr
  • St. Brendan’s COI Church, Birr
  • St. Rynagh’s RC Church, Banagher
  • St. Paul’s COI Church, Banagher
  • St. Molua’s RC Church, Roscomroe
  • St. Flannan’s RC Church, Kinnitty
  • St. Grogan RC Church, Errill